Welcome to Morocco

If you like alternative tours and trips in which you intact in the country of destination you conceive when travelling alone, whether Morocco, Spain or anywhere else, Welcome to Nomad Expeditions 4×4, where we offer adventure trips different from the rest of the travel agencies.

We suggest you travel where the adventure is to travel “real”, integrating us into the country of destination, using the best accommodation, traveling in tourism or 4×4, either own or rent, in Dromedaries, in Moto, Quad, buggy and authentic night crashed in a Berber Haima in the desert. This is adventure travel following the guidelines of sustainable tourism and low-priced.

In Nomad Expeditions 4×4 We don’t care if you travel only, with children, as a couple or with friends. It is only necessary to share the passion for traveling, explore new places and experience new things with your fellow travelers. The adventure begins with the integration of your travel group.We travel in small groups, always accompanied by a guide with many years of experience traveling through Morocco, to help us prepare the journey before you start this adventure without following a route closed in advance. This will allow us to introduce the freedom and flexibility to make your trip a unique and fascinating experience. In this way you will be the star of your own adventure.


 kasbah-marruecos  casablanca

We want to move away from the figure of tourists and bring us closer to the traveler, so to fully integrate in the customs of the country and its inhabitants. Living so unique adventure trips and never before experienced sensations. Something that you can not miss… encourage you to travel with us!.

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